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Journalism My Ass 5

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This arrived as part of an email last week.

To say the very least: I DEPLORE THIS ABC 20/20 PIECE!

John Stossel's misleading and distorted anti-Obama health plan segment features the unbiased opinions (yes I am joking) of the Pacific Research Institute.

The entire piece is equal or even beneath the level of Rush Limbaugh in its irresponsible reporting. One would think from Stossels' presentation that the British and Canadians are dying in the streets awaiting treatment, and that Obama is poised to institute his version of British or Canadian health care.

Leonard Goldenson, head of ABC in the fifties and beyond while not a particularly dedicated quality news guy is nevertheless undoubtedly spinning in his grave wherever he is buried.

I wrote this a while ago. "...There is so much more that 'could've, should've' been covered every day by the electronic media that is just ignored. This would all be so much more acceptable if the organizations that purportedly provide electronic news would stop the 'journalistic horseshit' that they retail about their work."

It may be journalism to "them and theirs" but it is not to me and mine! Most of the electronic purported journalism is brought to us by a very few companies.

They are News Corp, Viacom/CBS, General Electric, Time/Warner and The Walt Disney Company.

These very few organizations have far too much power.

The "system" should break them apart, and of course they will not do that.

It won't make any difference, but as the punch line of a joke goes: "It might not help, but it wouldn't hurt."