Journalist Reporting On Sexual Harassment Gets Sexually Harassed On Camera

“Irony,” said BBC reporter Sarah Teale about the encounter.

It was a moment heavy with “irony,” says BBC TV reporter Sarah Teale. There she was, reporting about the sexual harassment that women face when she herself became a target.

Teale was filming a report on sexual harassment on a street in Nottingham, England, last week when a man “directed a sexual comment towards her,” according to the BBC.

“An online study showed that a shocking 95 percent of people said they had been harassed, jeered at or had obscenities shouted at them in the street, and a large proportion said they'd also been groped or grabbed inappropriately in public,” Teale said.

At that moment, a man walking by allegedly shouted obscenities at her.

“Yeah, like that,” Teale says on camera, pointing at the man.

Teale told the BBC that she was “genuinely shocked” by what the man said.

“It's not banter, it's not funny and no one should have to put up with it,” said Teale.

BBC Radio Nottingham, which uploaded the footage on Facebook last week, has bleeped out the words the man said. However, the news outlet described his comments as “sexual obscenities.”

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