Journalist Spars With Piers Morgan, Shouts 'I'm A Communist, You Idiot'

The conversation got heavy on "Good Morning Britain" during a discussion of protests against Trump in England.

In a heated debate on “Good Morning Britain” on Thursday, guest and journalist Ash Sarkar called co-host Piers Morgan an “idiot.”

Amid a discussion about the protests targeting President Donald Trump’s during his visit to England, Sarkar and Morgan went head to head about why she’d be demonstrating.

“I’ll be marching in Westminster tomorrow, alongside thousands of other people who found the policy of [separating families at the U.S.-Mexico border] unconscionable, who think that the sight of our elected prime minister [Theresa May] holding Trump’s hand [in a 2017 photo] is an utter embarrassment,” she said.

Morgan cut her off to ask if she’d found former President Barack Obama’s deportation policies unconscionable too, to which she said: “Yes, yes I did. And that’s why I also protest detention and deportation in this country as well.”

Yet again, Morgan cut her off and argued that she was guilty of “double standards,” asking Sarkar: “Where was your protest march against Obama?”

Co-host Susanna Reid argued on behalf of Sarkar that you don’t need to protest everything to make a point, but Morgan was not having it. While Sarkar insisted that he check out some of her other work, Morgan interrupted yet again and told her she didn’t know “basic facts” about her “hero” Obama.

“He’s not my hero!” shot back Sarkar. “I’m a Communist, you idiot.”

The back and forth only continued from there. You can watch the entire manic moment above.