Tension Between Journalists, Army Continues At Bradley Manning Trial

Press Conditions In Bradley Manning Trial Compared To Libya

Tensions continued to flare between the military and journalists covering the closing arguments in the Bradley Manning trial on Friday.

On Thursday, journalists reported that armed military officers were walking the aisles of the media center, leaning over and looking at their computers, and telling them they were barred from tweeting.

HuffPost's Matt Sledge, who is at Fort Meade, wrote that the ramped-up security was a result of a direct order from Denise Lind, the military judge overseeing the trial.

O'Brien said things were "less tense" than on Thursday, but there were clearly lingering issues, judging from the tweets being sent out:

A rpt from a major American paper said condition in press pool remind them of their work in Libya under Gaddafi #Manning (back to the trial)

— Alexa O'Brien (@carwinb) July 26, 2013

A verdict in the trial is not expected for some days.

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The Bradley Manning Trial

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