Jovial Sagittarius Between the Sheets

Before we leave this exuberant sign on Dec 21, I wanted to share the Sag. quiz. This is taken from my book the Everything Sex Signs Book. It is a fun book to read and even more fun to use. It always helps to get the Astro low down on the hottest subject.


1. Which female body part does the Sagittarian man most appreciate?
a. the sexy nape of the neck
b. muscular legs and a shapely butt
c. large obviously natural breasts
d. a small waist he can span with his hands

2. The best way to get a Sag. in the mood is:
a. make a home-cooked meal
b. go on an unexpected short adventure
c. meet him at work with a Martini
d. see a sexy movie together

3. Stranded on a desert island you can depend on Sag to:
a. See the optimism in the situation
b. start devising an exit plan
c. express his anger and futility
d. talk about a rescue plan but eat coconuts

4. A strong turn off for a Sag is a person who
a. sucks up
b. is jealous
c. is a chatterbox
d. is maudlin

5. Sagittarius is a
a. water sign
b. air sign
c. earth sign
d. fire sign


6. After love-making, your Sagittarian is most likely to wear
a. nothing
b. pajamas
c. an old T-shirt
d. a silk dressing gown

7. What is the meaning of Sag's symbol: the Centaur?
a. He has an animal nature
b. He loves horses
c. He is a warrior
d. He combines ardor and reason

8. What word would typically describe a Sag's sexual rhythm
a. slow
b. languid
c. quick
d. scattered

9, To keep things interesting, you and your Sag might try
a. a threesome
b. a quickie outside
c. bondage scenarios
d. licking honey off each others bodies

10. The strongest turn on, long term, for a Sag man is:
a. beauty
b. humor
c. passion
d. honesty

How did you score? The answers are 1 b, 2. b, 3 a, 4 a, 5 d, 6 a, 7, d 8, c, 9, b, and 10 d