MSNBC Contributor Joy-Ann Reid: NBC News And MSNBC Are 'Becoming One Thing'

"The network's undergone a lot of evolutions. Here's another one."

MSNBC contributor Joy-Ann Reid gave HuffPost Live a glimpse of what the cable network's future could hold in a conversation on Wednesday.

"I think what's happening really is that NBC News and MSNBC are kind of becoming one thing," Reid speculated. "There's always been that possibility, that at some point they might decide, 'Well, we have this thing and this thing, we'll just make them more one thing,' and that's what's happening."

Reid's prediction comes as Brian Williams returns to television, moving from NBC to MSNBC on Sept. 22, and Chuck Todd makes a comeback at the network, all seen as part of what HuffPost media reporter Michael Calderone has described as a greater "re-NBC-ization" plan.

"The network's undergone a lot of evolutions," said Reid, who recently published a book, Fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons, and the Racial Divide. "Here's another one."

Watch more from Joy-Ann Reid's HuffPost Live conversation here.

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