Joy Behar's Bill O'Reilly Christmas Card (PHOTO)

Joy Behar commemorated her walk-off from "The View" during Bill O'Reilly's appearance in her 2010 Christmas card.

The front of the card features a Photoshop of the two with the phrase "Peace on Earth."

Inside, a special message from Joy appears (written out below):

Joy's Christmas message;

Good will toward Men and Women and Muslims and Jews and Catholics and Atheists (not agnostics - too wishy washy) and Mama Grizzlies and Democrats and Republicans and Tea Partiers and One of the Kardashian girls (remember, only one) and Charlie Sheen's paid talent, Capri Anderson and Tiger Woods' mistresses, Bombshell McGee and Ted Haggard and Levi Johnston and Snooki and The Situation and Mel Gibson's publicist (he needs your love).