Joy, Creative Urge


Spring is fully here. Joy and excitement are in the air. Bright days have pushed the winter darkness away. Fresh energy, full of promise, encourages us to give birth to our dreams. Let's embrace the fun adventures ahead.

Yes, but... limitations of daily existence in the physical world might be discouraging. The constant noise, at times so loud that one cannot even hear the thoughts. How do you practice meditation and quiet contemplation against the sound of drills, penetrating your space? How do you stay at peace despite a demanding, hectic schedule? How do you keep your calm in the whirl of nasty competition? How to you remain positive as the doors are being slammed in your face? And I could go on: not enough of this, too much of that.

When reading about people across time and space who faced severe difficulties, yet, not only survived, but thrived and exuded peace, I feel encouraged. What is their secret? While different traditions provide different tools, the essence is always the same. Breathe, relax, stay in the present, uplift your vibrations, be positive. Each challenge offers a lesson we need; our task is to live through it and find the pearl of wisdom, awaiting within the experience. A positive attitude in the storm of negative circumstances brightens the darkness, softens the noise, dissolves the pain. As we lift our vibrations amidst the everyday nuisances of the modern lifestyle, we can hear the thoughts anew, breathe in peace, slow down our stride. Our etheric bubble becomes refreshed, and we can flow with smoother chi energy.

The Soul is thus resurrected from the prison of worrying decay and anxious stiffening, to shine its light and love more freely. As spiritual beings in the world of matter, we're continually passing through various openings between imprisonment and freedom. Each time we contract, we cry, each time we expand, we laugh. Oh, the daily leaps of joy into freedom.

In the present moment of happiness and laughter, the daily utilitarian chatter disappears. Creative urge allows the thoughts to expand in imagination: thinking in pictures forms. A popular term nowadays is visualization. In one of his blackboard sketches, Rudolf Steiner wrote that logical thinking is the past, imagination is the present, and inspiration is the future.

When pondering the past or logically analyzing it, the mind contracts, the life forces stiffen. When immersed in visualization or idealistic thought exchange, the life forces are invigorated to create, to make our dreams alive in the energy field around us. Both processes are needed. Once we have a strong vision, we can apply practical thinking based on past experiences and learnt skills to define steps and actions required to densify the images into the material reality. A work of art -- a painting, a dance performance, a satisfying daily routine -- is born out of a dream, hard work, perseverance, and positive outlook.

Keep the inspiration flowing, keep the creative urge up and fresh to give birth to your dreams.


Over to you, dear Soulful Reader:
What is your creative process?

This article first appeared on the Soulful Sparks of Inspiration website.