Author Greg McKeown On The Joy Of Missing Out

Despite the all-encompassing fear of missing out, Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, decided to take a break during the Latin America World Economic Forum.

"After a few days, there was some meeting fatigue setting in," he said during a recent appearance on HuffPost Live in Davos, Switzerland, where the 2014 World Economic Forum annual meeting is taking place.

He made his way to the pool, where he said he found about 15 other Forum attendees stealing a few moments for themselves. Together, they discovered "the joy of missing out," he said, when they were able to more casual build relationships and form initiatives. "What happened there was so serendipitous, so spontaneous, but so wonderful."

"We've been oversold on the value of more," he said -- and not just about our belongings, but our commitments, too -- "and undersold on the value of less."

Watch a clip of McKeown's interview above, and read more from Davos below: