Joy Reid Thinks Donald Trump’s Impeachment Defense Sounded Awfully Familiar

The MSNBC anchor likened the “blizzard of lies” to a Fox News cold open, a Trump tweetstorm and “the kind of right-wing TV show” mainlined by the GOP base.

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid delivered a damning review of the defense of Donald Trump presented by the ex-president’s attorneys in his Senate impeachment trial for inciting the U.S. Capitol riot.

“Think Fox News prime-time cold open or OAN or Newsmax,” the “ReidOut” host said of the stream of lies and skewered arguments put forward by Trump’s attorneys on Friday.

It was “the kind of right-wing TV show that the Republican senators probably have on in their offices right now and at home, and that Republican base voters mainline day and night,” Reid added.

“This was not a defense. It was basically a four-hour culture war rant,” she concluded. “It was literally just a blizzard of lies, conspiracy theories, whataboutism and frankly, BS. It was a stand-in for a Trump tweetstorm, which of course, he can no longer do because Twitter banned him.”

“In a word, wow.”

Watch Reid’s full monologue above.

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