Joy Sewing, Fashion Editor, Talks Beyoncé And Online Shopping Tips With The Coveteur (PHOTOS)

Joy Sewing is one of those women you wish was your BFF ... who also shares your shoe size. As the fashion and beauty editor at the Houston Chronicle, it's safe to assume that she's got a seriously covetable style. But thankfully, no assumptions are needed since The Coveteur and teamed up and gave us a peek inside Sewing's closet --which means we get to see, too!

What did they find? Cowboy boots and 10-gallon hats? Think again. Sewing's closet revealed a stunning collection of Brian Atwood stilettos, a lovely leopard print Oscar de la Renta frock, a technicolor Erdem blouse and so much more.

In the Texan's "One-On-One" interview with The Edit (aka The Coveteur's e-zine)
, Sewing talks about her savvy style and dishes on her connection to arguably the most famous Houstononian -- Beyoncé Knowles Carter.

Sewing and Mrs. Carter go way back. So far back that the fashion editor remembers interviewing Beyoncé when she was just a teenager and rocking DIY bedazzled shoes courtesy of her mom, Tina Knowles. Clearly those glue gun days are over, however Sewing still keeps in contact with the Knowles clan. "Through the years, I’ve interviewed Beyoncé several times and I’ve gotten to know Ms. Tina pretty well. Both of them have been gracious to me and are always so down to earth," Sewing told The Edit.

And when she's not chatting with her superstar friends, penning fashion features or blogging about her action packed life, Sewing has been known to do some serious online shopping.

"I browse first and load up my shopping cart with everything I want. It satisfies that impulse-shopping urge," Sewing explained to The Edit. "Then I go back in a day or so to see if anything has gone on sale and I edit down the list to things I really can use, and afford."

We love a gal with a fierce personal style and sensible shopping skills!

Check out the full interview and photo shoot over at The Coveteur and feast your eyes on a few of Sewing's favorite fashion finds from the feature in the slideshow below.



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