Ex-Prosecutor Rips Donald Trump’s Latest 'Laughable' Legal Move

“We’ve seen enough," Joyce Vance warned.

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance isn’t buying Donald Trump’s latest argument against being subjected to gag orders.

Trump’s lawyers responded to efforts to prohibit the former president from attacking prosecutors, judges and courthouse staff in his criminal and civil cases by suggesting “he is not to blame for what other people do,” Vance explained in the latest edition of her “Civil Discourse” email newsletter.

But it’s “a tired and laughable effort to shirk blame at this point,” she wrote.

“Even if Trump might have argued, years ago, that he was unaware of the effect his words had on his followers, that time is long past,” Vance wrote.

The quadruply indicted Trump “continues to be a danger to us,” and anyone could become the next unwitting subject of an attack from the Republican 2024 front-runner, she warned.

“We’ve seen enough. Now it’s time to get to work and make sure Trump never holds public office again,” she added. (Read the full analysis here.)

A court filing last week detailed just some of the threats that have been received by Judge Arthur Engoron and his staff during Trump’s ongoing civil fraud trial in New York.

“You should be not assassin executed. You should be executed. But on trial executed for your crimes,” one message reads.

“Know that the blood runs red,” another says.

Trump, for his part, welcomed Thanksgiving Day with an online rant about Engoron, New York Attorney General Letitia James (who has brought the civil fraud lawsuit against Trump and his business), and President Joe Biden.

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