31 Ways To Squeeze All You Can Out Of The Rest Of Summer

It's August.

The political conventions are over. They have left me with sleepless nights and high blood pressure. And there are so many days to go of increasing nastiness and vicious side-taking.

I worry. I want us all to be okay.

I am from the Woodstock generation, after all. I thought -- for a very short time -- that we could all love each other.

But I will get through August.

I will find some serenity in the simple pleasures of high summer.

Here are 31 of my joys that will help me (and I hope you) get through the next 31 days.

  1. Corn on the cob
  2. Johnny Mathis singing "Wonderful, Wonderful" or "Misty" or "Chances Are" -- or just about anything
  3. Pearls
  4. "The African Queen"
  5. Black-eyed susans
  6. Chocolate ice cream
  7. Lobster rolls
  8. The last page of a great book, knowing another is waiting for me
  9. Dozing on a comfy lounge chair
  10. The cat sleeping in the sunny spot by the door
  11. Riding in the convertible on a starry night
  12. Sharing pretzels with the seagulls on the beach
  13. Pedicures with lavender polish
  14. Country fairs
  15. James Taylor
  16. Eau de Chloe
  17. Tomatoes still sun-warm eaten right from the garden
  18. Beaded sandals
  19. Putting on warm dry clothes after spending hours in a wet bathing suit
  20. Iced coffee
  21. Bronzing powder
  22. Buying my mother scratch-off lottery tickets
  23. My husband calling me Angel
  24. Little boys on bicycles with baseball gloves hanging from the handlebars
  25. The smell of charcoal and steaks wafting through the neighborhood
  26. Clean smooth sheets
  27. Blueberry picking in the late still afternoon
  28. Putting on Paul Simon's Graceland and dancing while I dust the house
  29. Cheeseburgers with a side of Ruffles
  30. Toddlers (and grown-ups) running through the water sprinkler
  31. My dog's smile



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