JPMorgan Chase's Whale Fail And Nine Other Big Bank Disasters

Officials at JPMorgan Chase announced Thursday that the bank lost billions of dollars on "egregious" credit trades gone wrong.

But the bank was certainly not the first to suffer a dramatic loss.

Late last year, risky bets on European debt pushed MF Global into bankruptcy, while UBS suffered a $2 billion loss thanks to a rogue trader. Some firms have seen disasters so large that they've needed to get help from the government or other banks.

Citigroup came to the brink of collapse in 2007 after it reported losses of about $10 billion, but was lucky enough to get bailed out by the U.S. government. In addition, JPMorgan actually became the savior of one bank in crisis when it bought Bear Sterns in 2007. Check out some more big bank fails below:

JPMorgan Whale Fail And Nine Other Big Bank Disasters