GOP Lawmaker Suggests Armed Rebellion May Be Necessary If Scott Brown Is Elected

During an interview with conservative podcast Granite Grok's GrokTalk on Saturday, New Hampshire state Rep. J.R. Hoell (R-Dunbarton) suggested that it may some day be necessary to use "firearms and ammo" against the government if its policies continue to be shaped by elected officials like former Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.).

Hoell was discussing plans to protest outside a state GOP fundraiser that is scheduled to feature Brown, who is rumored to be considering a run for one of New Hampshire's U.S. Senate seats. Hoell has characterized Brown as too liberal for the state, and accused him of supporting laws that encroach on the Second Amendment. Hoell then invoked the armed uprisings of the Revolutionary War.

When asked whether protesters should bring weapons to the rally, Hoell responds:

I'm never going to tell a person not to carry a firearm ... I will recommend people carry firearms concealed. Tactically it's a better solution; it doesn't make you out to be a target. In terms of messaging to the media, if you're carrying concealed, versus carrying an AR-15 or AR-10 slung over your back, it's a lot easier to make the statement, "We're not here to threaten anybody. We're here standing on our soapbox, as opposed to standing with our ammo box in hand, to make a point politically."

The message needs to get out that Scott Brown does not represent New Hampshire. If things continue the way they are, there may be a day or a time where firearms and ammo are necessary. It happened in the Revolutionary War. I'd like to think we're not there yet, but as things continue to unravel, that may be the next step. Let's stand on our soapbox this time.

Earlier this month, a source close to Brown told The Huffington Post that Brown is "warming to the idea" of another run for a U.S. Senate seat. Brown may not make his decision until January, said the source, who estimated the chances that Brown would enter the race against first-term Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) at 50 percent.

CORRECTION: Rep. J.R. Hoell was incorrectly referred to as a representative of Merrimack. He represents Dunbarton.



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