JR's Wrinkles Of The City, Los Angeles (VIDEO)

JR is the world-famous street artist who brought to Los Angeles, the city of beauty and vanity, perhaps what it needs most: wrinkles.

Doing what he does in forgotten, low-income neighborhoods around the world, JR visited Los Angeles last year, photographed carefully chosen locals and plastered their black and white portraits in various locations in the city, with several near 3rd Street and Alameda in downtown. He was unexpectedly awarded the $100,000 2011 TED prize, and his work was a part of MOCA's "Art In The Streets" exhibit last year.

With his latest video (above), JR introduces us to the individuals and the stories behind the eyes, and the wrinkles, plastered around our city.

Here are some images of JR's street art in New York and London:

JR's Street Art