Juan Gabriel's Son Makes His Debut With New Single 'Sprite'

Luis Alberto Aguilera's new music video is giving us major Drake vibes.

Luis Alberto Aguilera may very well have music running through his veins as the son of the late legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel, but he’s marching to the beat of his own drum in his musical career. 

A music video featuring JuanGa’s son recently surfaced on social media, and Aguilar’s his first single titled “Sprite” is an English-language track that is far from the bolero hits and ballads his father wrote and sang before his death in August 2016. Instead, the young singer’s new song leans more towards hip-hop with a music video that gives off major Drake vibes. 


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Aguilera is the son of the iconic “Divo de Juarez” and Guadalupe González, who worked as a maid for the superstar. The mother gave an exclusive interview with Primer Impacto about her relationship with Juan Gabriel last November, shortly after DNA results confirmed that the singer was Aguilar’s father.

“I already knew,” Aguilar told Primer Impacto in a TV interview in September after the DNA results were revealed. “But for me it was important to make it clear so that there is no doubt. I like to speak with the truth.” 

For months, Aguilera has expressed interest in pursuing music much like his father, and “Sprite” is his first venture into the industry. Watch the single’s music video above.