Juan Pelota: Lance Armstrong's Austin Coffee Shop More Than Just A Pun

Say what you will about Lance Armstrong forfeiting his seven Tour de France titles. The guy has a unique sense of humor.

In a recent interview with Texas Monthly, the cyclist talks about the loss of one of his testicles in fighting testicular cancer, and the coffee shop he owns in Austin, Texas, named "Juan Pelota."

"Juan," which sounds similar to "one," and "Pelota," which is Spanish for "ball."

In my situation, it’s easy to look at me and say, ‘Oh man, dude has testicular cancer and has one ball.’ Who f**king cares? It hasn’t affected my life at all to have one ball. Sure, it might be a punch line for some people. But I’ve tried to take it and say, ‘Let’s have fun with it.’ I have a coffee shop called Juan Pelota.

The cafe seems to be more than just a punch line. As of this writing, Juan Pelota had earned four of five stars on Yelp with such reviews as, "These folks make a *mind blowing* cappuccino," and "[Lance's] family jewels were well spent on this endeavor."

Armstrong shared another testicular tale in the interview:

I was at an Austin restaurant not long ago, in the bathroom taking a piss. The bathroom is right by the kitchen and I could hear the people in there talking. One of them says, ‘Lance Armstrong is in here tonight.’ And the other one says, ‘Did you ask him if you could rub his testicle?’ They’re back there joking it up. And I don’t have any problem with that. Part of me wanted to play along and walk in the kitchen with my ball out.




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