Juan Williams Chokes Up Discussing Obama Speech, Benediction (VIDEO)

Fox News political contributor Juan Williams choked up while discussing Barack Obama's inauguration speech and the benediction delivered by civil rights activist Reverend Joseph Lowery.

Williams said Lowery's benediction, which opened with lines from "Lift Every Voice and Sing," known as the black national anthem, left him "so emotional."

"The thought, that that guy, Joe Lowery," Williams said fighting back tears, "Oh my God, he is the real deal. There are other people who might say that they were there with Dr. King, and suffered the indignities, but Joe Lowery really did. For Joe Lowery, today, to see that son, that black boy, become President of the United States. I can't tell you. And sometimes in your life you just think, 'What a country! How could it be?' I never thought that would happen. But there it was, and I just thank god that Joe Lowery was able in that moment to talk about the power of silent tears, of where our fathers had cried."


Williams also teared up on air on Election Night, saying, "This is America at its grandest."