Jub Jub The Dog Could Be The Most Adorable, Hilarious St. Bernard On Instagram (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Say Hello To Jub Jub The Dog

We'd like to introduce you to Jub Jub the St. Bernard.

He's an adorable ball of fluff that loves to live life and frolic with his human in New Jersey. You can see all of his adorable adventures on his Instagram account, like this recent visit to the beach. You've never known happiness like this before.

Also, Jub Jub loves Beethoven (the movie, not the composer).

And he can balance random objects on his head! Scroll on down to the bottom of the post to watch a compilation video where he puts everything from a blanket to pizza to a trowel on his snout.

Basically, Jub Jub is one of the happiest pooches we've ever seen, and if you need more proof look no further.

Jub Jub, we salute you.

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