Judah Friedlander: I Consider Myself The Greatest Athlete In The World

Drew Grant over at Jossip sat down sartorial genius and 30 Rock co-star, Judah Friedlander, to discuss the news of the day. In addition to suggesting that disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich should compare grooming techniques with disgraced baseball legend Pete Rose, he also gave a thumbs up to naming your child Adolf Hitler as long as their last name is Mandela or Gandhi to "balance things out."

When Grant asked about his unique style, Friedlander said, "I don't consider myself a style icon. Just the greatest athlete in the world who bangs over 20 chicks a day and is a role model to children." Isn't "role model to children" just implied in that description?

Oddly enough (or just as you would have expected depending on who you are), Friedlander also managed to threaten himself dressed as three action stars:

"I'd like to play Jeff Speakman, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal all in the same movie. And then I would show up as myself, and kick their asses."

It's kind of weird, but we'd pay to see it.