Judah Friedlander Is The World's Best Ping Pong Player (VIDEO)

I get that this is supposed to be a joke, but Judah Friedlander actually seems awesome at ping pong. I don't know what the average person's playing ability is, but I can't wear a homemade hat, eat pizza and hit every tiny table tennis ball hit my way. Also, the real table tennis star "Sports Illustrated" got to be in this video is shockingly funny. It's like we've entered a bizzaro universe in which Judah Friedlander, a man whose glasses imply he has the seeing ability of an old lady who used to stare into the sun, is a rock-star athlete and the pro could be on "30 Rock"...or at least "Two and a Half Men."

This isn't the first time Friedlander has insisted he is a world class jock. When Jossip asked him about his unique style this past winter, the funny man said, "I don't consider myself a style icon. Just the greatest athlete in the world who bangs over 20 chicks a day and is a role model to children." That sounds about right.


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