Judah Friedlander Makes Out With Wonder Woman At New York Comic Con (PHOTO)

PHOTO: Which '30 Rock' Star Was Caught Making Out With Batman's Girl?

You would think that if you stole another man's woman, you might want to keep a lid on it. But not World Champion, and '30 Rock' star, Judah Friedlander. Instead of hiding his dalliance, he sent out a press release about it. There is literally nothing this guy does half-assed, even cuckolding the caped crusader.

Numerous eye witnesses to the scene were quoted in the press release, which went out Sunday evening:

The World Champion Judah Friedlander has stolen Wonder Woman from Batman.

The Caped Crusader just stood there and did nothing while The World Champ made out passionately with Wonder Woman right in front of his face.

“Batman looked pissed off” one witness said.

“What’s Batman going to do? He can’t beat up The Champ.” Said a Comicon security guard....

“Wonder Woman was definitely “ really into it” when she and Judah were deep-throating, one female onlooker said.

Lucky lady. See the stunning photo below, and if you want to learn more about Friedlander's other skills, you could pick up a copy of his book, "How To Beat Up Anybody."

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