Judd Apatow Explains How Much His Teenage Daughter Hates His Jokes

"You know the love you feel from your daughter right now? Soon that’ll be gone."

Judd Apatow discussed parenting teenage children on Wednesday’s episode of “Conan,” joking about the ways that the parent-child relationship changes as children get older.

“You know the love you feel from your daughter right now?” the writer, director and producer asked host Conan O’Brien. “Soon that’ll be gone.”

Apatow went on to explain that his daughters not only don’t find him funny, but they don’t like anyone else who finds him funny, routinely mocking fans who approach him on the street.

And whenever he attempts to use his name to get dinner reservations, Apatow explains, his younger daughter refers to him as a “Hollywood dick.”

Apatow is the father to 14-year-old Iris and 19-year-old Maude with his wife, actress Leslie Mann. All three family members have acted in his films “This is 40” and “Knocked Up.”

Apatow frequently mines the topic of parenthood in his work. Most recently he played a role in coming up with the idea that the series finale of “Girls” would explore the themes of breastfeeding and new motherhood. Judd Apatow is executive producer on the show and his daughter Maude has guest-starred.