Judd Apatow Shades Mark Esper When He Follows Him On 'Late Show'

The director got blunt with Stephen Colbert right after the host interviewed Trump's former defense secretary.

Judd Apatow was promoting his documentary on the late comedian George Carlin on Monday when “The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert gave the filmmaker a detour he couldn’t resist. (Watch the video below.)

Colbert had just interviewed Mark Esper, the former secretary of defense under Donald Trump. Esper was hawking his new book in which he revealed Trump wanted to fire missiles into Mexico, shoot protesters against police brutality in the legs, and reactivate military officers to court martial them for criticizing the former president’s actions.

“You see that interview just now?” Colbert asked Apatow.

“I don’t think George Carlin would like Mark Esper,” the “The King of Staten Island” director said.

“Why not?” Colbert asked.

“Because Carlin’s whole idea was that people with money manipulate the whole system,” Apatow replied. “So if somebody knows that Trump is a maniac, and you would think the day after he gets fired is the day to go, ‘Hey, he wanted to shoot all the George Floyd protesters in the legs.’ But he waits a year to write a book and he makes money. And I think that was George Carlin’s whole thing, which is he just thought, they’re not looking out for you.”

It should be noted that Colbert grilled Esper about putting book profits before informing the public, but Esper replied that if he had disclosed Trump’s outlandish ideas, he would have been fired on the spot and unable to stop them. (He was eventually canned just days after the 2020 election.)

William Barr, John Bolton and Stephanie Grisham are also among former Trump administration officials who have written tell-alls. Critics say some could have done more good revealing their information earlier than waiting to cash in on their books, The Washington Post noted.

Check out Apatow’s comments on Esper at 6:40:

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