Judd Apatow Gives Advice To Teen Girls For 'Ask A Grown Man' Video

When middle-aged men give advice on life and love to teenage girls (as we've seen before), hilarity often ensues. For their latest "Ask A Grown Man" feature, the ladies over at Rookie Mag recruited funnyman Judd Apatow to answer young womens' most pressing questions about kissing, gossip, physical attraction (or lack thereof) and break-ups. And the results are predictably amazing -- but also slightly awkward.

Apatow sings a jingle about the importance of being yourself ("The most important person in the world is you, it's you!"), and also tells girls never to lower their standards, because "cool people will like you for who you are."

But when it comes to kissing, the "Knocked Up" writer and director was less helpful. After noting that it's probably in our genetic code to know how to make out, he wisely advises, "Trust evolution."