Jude Law Preps Hamlet For Broadway Debut

Maybe he is just a good actor, but Mr. Law appears convincingly cool and unfazed by any burdens that he might or might not be feeling. In a pair of interviews, one in his dressing room in London and the other at his hotel in Elsinore, joined by Michael Grandage, the director of "Hamlet," Mr. Law seemed ridiculously energetic, considering that the play lasts more than three hours and requires him, by his estimation, to speak 40 percent of the lines. When it comes to "Hamlet," both director and actor agreed, the only way to shake off memories of great performances past is to accept that the play has no Platonic ideal. "The play will only ever be defined by the personality of the actor taking the part, and the moment he's in it," Mr. Grandage said.

Mr. Law added: "Of course there are times when you think, 'I'm putting myself up there with these fine actors.' But there is no definitive 'Hamlet,' because you don't play Hamlet, Hamlet plays you.

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