German Judge Orders Men To Buy Opponents' Jersey Or Go To Jail

Seems fair.

Don't bring your soccer rivalries to German judge Karin Jung, who reportedly issued an interesting sentence to two men for attacking another wearing a rival soccer team's gear.

Jung told the two defendants (a pair of 1860 Munich fans) that they could either spend 15 months in jail or buy the Bayern Munich fan they attacked last year some new swag, the BBC reported Wednesday.

"I thought about what would be really painful to them, and doing something like this really bothers this type of people," Jung said, according to the BBC, which cited German newspaper Bild.

The two men were charged with assaulting the Bayern fan and ripping off his jacket, shirt and hat. In addition to paying about $350 each to the man in compensation, the 1860 Munich fans bought and handed him a new Bayern jersey, hat and scarf in the courtroom, worth just over $100, according to Goal.

The BBC said Jung, a 1860 Munich fan herself, got consent from the man for such a sentence.

Intense soccer rivalries are obviously nothing new and not going anywhere nor winding down anytime fast, but Jung said her ruling aimed to bring a bit more civility to the sport.

"I wanted to show that football is football and not a battlefield," she said. 

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