This Book Cover Judges YOU For A Change

Plot Twist: This Book Cover Judges YOU For A Change

Have you ever turned your nose up at a novel simply because its title font was a girly script or a goofy sans-serif typically associated with pulp? The adage about not judging books by their covers may be one few readers actually follow; after all, designers work hard to accurately depict a novel's contents. Still, thanks to Amsterdam creative studio Moore, all of those tossed-aside titles may finally get their revenge. A new book they've created using face recognition software won't open until its potential readers view it with a judgement-free expression.

According to Thijs Biersteker, the product's creator:

If you approach the book, the face recognition system picks up your face and starts scanning it for signs of “judgement”. If you’re over excited or your face shows a sceptical expression, the book will stay locked. But if your expression is neutral (no judgement) the system will send an audio-pulse to the Arduino and the book will unlock itself.

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