Judge Judy Finds Out What Grindr Is And Keeps It Real

Judge Judy may not have known about Grindr until recently, but she totally gets it.

On Monday's episode of "Judge Judy," Judge Judith Sheindlin presided over a case involving two men who met on gay hookup app Grindr. The 47-year-old plaintiff was suing defendant Aaron Murphy, a 23-year-old student, for unpaid loans. Murphy claimed the money was a gift.

"Um, we met on a, um ... social website," Murphy told the judge. "It's actually called Grindr. ... It's an app for your phone or your iPad. It's a social app that tells you where homosexual males are and their proximity to where you are."

But when Murphy began talking about their meet-up at Applebee's, Judge Judy wanted to clarify exactly why he was on the app.

"Mr. Murphy, so, what you're telling me, sir, is you went on this website in order to find someone who had the same sexual predisposition you did?"

"Um, no, actually, it was just to make friends," he claimed.

Judge Judy wasn't having it.

"If I was looking just to make friends, I wouldn't go on a website that said it's just for little, old Jewish ladies. I would try to expand my horizons a little bit, do you understand, Mr. Murphy?"

She wound up dismissing the case based on the fact that the plaintiff gave Murphy the money with no reasonable expectation to be repaid. Still, the episode sure left a lasting impression on viewers.

Watch a clip from the episode below.



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