Judge Judy On Future: 'Every Stage In Your Life Has A New Adventure'

Known for her quick wit and inability to suffer fools, Judy Sheindlin (that's Judge Judy to the rest of us) has presided over hundreds of small-claims cases on her syndicated talk show. "Judge Judy" -- America's number one daytime television show -- has been on the air for 17 years and has earned Sheindlin a spot in the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame.

But now that she's 70, is she ready to hang up the black robe and gavel?

"I know I'll be doing this until 2015, because contractually I am obligated to," Sheindlin told Katie Couric with a smile. "I don't know. I'm still having a good time.

"I feel terrific. I still love working. I still love being in the mix of things, whether it's this adventure or another adventure," she said.

Judge Judy was on "Katie" Monday afternoon to talk about her longevity and her future. Sheindlin marveled at just how far she's come, having started her TV career at 52 years old.

"Every stage in your life has a new adventure. Who would've thought?"

To hear Judge Judy share her wisdom on following your dreams -- and her new motto, learned from pal Florence Henderson -- watch the video above.