Judge Orders Joseph Bray To Take His Wife On Date To Red Lobster And Bowling (VIDEO)

WATCH: Judge Sentences Husband To Date With Wife After Domestic Dispute

A Broward County judge has ordered a husband to take his wife out on a date and buy her flowers -- a strangely gentle ruling for a domestic abuse charge.

According to an arrest affidavit cited by NBC Miami, Joseph Bray, 47, and his wife Sonja got into a fight after Bray neglected to wish her a happy birthday. Sonja told police he shoved her and grabbed her neck at their Plantation residence.

At the Tuesday hearing, Judge John Hurley asked the wife about her preferences for a night out on the town and sentenced the husband accordingly.

According to the Sun Sentinel, he ordered Bray to "flowers, birthday card, Red Lobster, bowling."

He also requested that the Brays start seeing a marriage counselor. Read the Sun Sentinel for the judge's comments on the light sentencing.

On the other end of the romance spectrum, last year a New York judge ordered a husband and wife to build a literal "divorce wall" in their house to stop the couple's constant feuding.

Check out mug shots from other unusual cases below:

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