Judge Reinhold Arrested After Refusing Airport Security Search

Police charged the "Beverly Hills Cop" actor with disorderly conduct.

Actor Judge Reinhold was arrested Thursday after refusing to submit to a security check at Dallas Love Field, police said.

Police officers led the 59-year-old Reinhold, who appeared in “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” and the “Beverly Hills Cop” movies, from the airport and took him to a detention center, where they charged him with disorderly conduct.

In the segment above, KCAL 9 reported that Reinhold took off his shirt and used explicit language during the incident.

Transportation Security Administration agents had asked Reinhold to submit to a pat-down, apparently setting off the actor, the Dallas Morning News reported. He was offered a private room and declined.

Reinhold was allegedly “antagonistic” to police officers when they arrived and they arrested him, the paper said.

“The officers responded and subsequently took the individual into custody after he refused to comply,” according to Dallas Police.

His attorney, Steve Stodghill, said the TSA scanner had cleared Reinhold to pass, but he was stopped when his bag set off an alarm, the Morning News wrote. Agents then asked to frisk him and Reinhold wanted to know why, given that he had already walked through the scanner without it going off.

Accompanied by cops, a handcuffed Reinhold told reporters, “Thanks for the exposure, guys. Appreciate it. Glad you’re here.”



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