Judith Light Is Taking the Flu Very Seriously

In the most loving and ironic twist of fate, actress Judith Light has gone from being a woman of the night in One Life To Live to one of the madams in Dallas in a very upscale, very southern house of ill repute. She also got to stare at Tony Danza's cute butt for several seasons on Who's The Boss... Not a bad career if you ask me, and one of many reasons this tenacious, humble, witty and simply wonderful actress is always a joy to check in with to see just what she is up to now.

PHOTO CREDIT: Lindsey Byrnes

Joshua Estrin: What happened to summer and whom can we blame for stealing it?

Judith Light: The summertime is always fleeting, so we need to take advantage of it when it comes our way.

JE: You always look so fantastic. How do you stay fit and fabulous?

JL: Well, I exercise nearly every day. I really try and take care of myself. I am constantly on the go. I owe a lot to my makeup person and dresser, who always make me look my best.

JE: Dallas has introduced an entirely new generation to Southfork while the rest of us are thrilled for its return... What has been your favorite part of being involved with the show?

JL: It is a great ensemble cast. The original characters are now mixed with the next generation. They are all wonderful to work with and I enjoy every minute.

JE: Will we get to see more of you on Dallas?

JL: With such a large cast, my time on the set is limited. All the [ancillary] cast has a set number of lines in the series so I really cannot ask for more lines, but I thank you for asking to see more of me. Which reminds me, I have a new show coming out on Amazon called Transparent. My husband (Jeffrey Tambor) comes out as a transgender. It is quite the story.

JE: Do you enjoy roles that evoke emotion and/or controversy?

JL: I do. There is something about those roles that pulls me in.

JE: You are also involved in another project that is very important to a large segment of the population. Would you mind talking about that a bit?

JL: I am so passionate about the National Council On Aging's (NCOA) flu initiative regarding seniors getting a flu shot. This is a very big thing. It is all about prevention. You know that old saying, an ounce of prevention. Everyone, especially seniors, need to talk to their doctors, ask questions and get to be more proactive about their health overall. I have done a PSA that is starting to air and I am thrilled to reach as many people over 50 as I possibly can to get them to go for a flu shot this year, as flu-related deaths can be prevented if people get vaccinated.

JE: What do you think is the biggest misconception people have about the flu?

JL: Like I said, people don't think they can die from the flu. I would like people to understand this is simply not the truth and also learn more about how to keep themselves healthy so why not start with a very easy solution by getting a flu shot. I encourage everyone (especially those 50 and over) to explore NCOA, as it is a wonderful clearinghouse for information. You, me, we all need to be advocates for better health and healthier living.

NOTE: Always explore any possible side effects with your doctor before making any decisions regarding the flu vaccine.