Judith Miller Lands At Newsmax

Judith Miller, the now infamous former New York Times reporter whose hilariously wrong pieces on Iraq's WMD program were cited by Bush administration officials as a factor in their decision to invade Iraq (by design, considering international grifter-clown Ahmed Chalabi was telling Miller exactly what the Bush White House wanted her to hear: as Jack Shafer puts it, "Bush's guy was the Times's guy"), is causing a stir on the Tweetdecks of American journalists today because she has published her first reported piece in print for the right-leaning Newsmax (where she has already served as an online contributor).

Miller's critics are likely to get very smirky at this turn of events, though Miller receiving safe harbor from the right-leaning media is hardly a surprise -- she's also a Fox News contributor. Fans of Miller will likely insist on judging her on the merits. Oh, and they'll also probably insist that such a thing can be done!

Well, her first Newsmax piece, as it turns out, is a perfectly decent read on the law enforcement effort being jointly undertaken by Americans and Iraqis to curb the drug trafficking that's fueling what's left of the insurgency. Assuming it doesn't have the sourcing problems of her pre-war work at the Times (again, I am referring to her history of using the Bush administration's favorite grifter-shills as her "sources"), there's nothing objectionable about the piece itself.

Given Miller's checkered past, and the cloud of doubt that rightly follows her, she's got few options in terms of future employers. But for what it's worth, Chris Ruddy's Newsmax has been a profitable operation. Very recently, they stepped out as a would-be player in the game to decide who would save Newsweek magazine.

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