Judith Wallerstein Death: Read Her Top 10 HuffPost Blogs

Divorce is not only about you. It is not about how to negotiate the legal stuff and come out intact or unbowed. Divorce is about you and your children and what lies ahead, for all of you.

We were deeply saddened to hear about the death of Judith Wallerstein, a psychologist renowned for her analysis of the long-term effects of divorce on children.

According to the New York Times, Wallerstein, who died this week at age 90, published 60 to 70 articles in psychology and law journals, and authored five books, including "Surviving The Breakup: How Children And Parents Cope With Divorce."

Some of our favorite Wallerstein work can be found on this very site, where the researcher contributed a number of thoughtful, much-discussed blog posts. In fact, Wallerstein was right there with us when we launched HuffPost Divorce in November 2010, writing blogs that melded her groundbreaking research with practical, easy-to-digest advice.

To honor Wallerstein and her work, we've collected 10 of her best blogs for HuffPost Divorce. Click through for excerpts and links to the original pieces.

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