Couple That Met At Woodstock 50 Years Ago Finally Has Photographic Proof

Jerry and Judy Griffin met when her car broke down on the way to the legendary music festival.

A couple that met at Woodstock finally has photographic evidence of their fateful encounter.

Fifty years ago this weekend, Judy and Jerry Griffin met while on the way to the famous 1969 music festival in New York.

Judy’s car had broken down, but Jerry and his buddies were happy to give her a lift.

The festival was only three days, but the connection between the two lasted much longer ― they’ve been together ever since and now have two sons and five grandchildren, according to

But while their road to love started on their way to Woodstock, the Griffins had no pictures of themselves there, even though they both brought cameras.

The lack of visual proof was something the couple came to regret over the last five decades, but things changed when the Griffins went to see the PBS documentary “Woodstock: Three Days That Defined a Generation.”

Right there, in a section about the rainstorms, the Griffins saw their 22-year-old selves wrapped together in a blanket.

I screamed, ‘There we are,’” Judy told “Inside Edition.”

Jerry added: “That’s us. That was it, that was the first time, the only time that we’ve only seen a photograph of us at Woodstock and we’ve been looking.”

"Inside Edition"

Jerry Griffin told that he had known his future wife less than 48 hours when the photo was taken.

Judy added: “By the time we got out of the car and set up camp, we were into each other, and we basically were together from that point on.”

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