Juice Box-Shaped Fruit Highlighted In New Ad (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Fruit Grown In The Shape Of A Juice Box

juice box shaped fruit

Yes, you're seeing things correctly: That's a fruit grown in the shape of a juice box.

We're stunned by Brazilian juice company Camp Nectar's new ad campaign, which took two years to develop. By placing plastic molds over the fruit, the company was able to produce box-shaped apples, guavas, lemons, oranges, papayas and passion fruit, all featuring Camp's logo. They even appear to have bent straws and folded top-edges, just like a normal box.

It's all, of course, to show customers that the company's juice is all natural. The idea was hatched by creative agency AGE Isobar.

Camp Nectar has a video detailing the process, which is pretty cool. We especially love the time lapse of a fruit growing in one of the molds. Check it out below.

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