Thinking Of Trying A Juice Cleanse?

Thinking Of Trying A Juice Cleanse? Read This First!
healthy drink vegetable juice ...
healthy drink vegetable juice ...

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Juicing can do a body good if you do it right. Make sure you note these four things before proceeding on your cleanse.

DO... Go Organic
If you're going to concentrate the produce in juice form (which happens when you blend or juice whole foods), you don't want to bring in added pesticides because it concentrates them, making it harder for your liver to clean out your body, says Blum. So, buy organic produce for your homemade juices or look for pre-made juices that use organic ingredients, such as Organic Avenue or Urban Remedy.

DON'T... Attempt Any Sort Of Juice Program If You Have Diabetes
Because all of the carbohydrates from the fruits are condensed in juice form, you're putting yourself at a higher risk of elevated glucose levels and blood sugar spikes, says Marisa Moore, R.D., spokesperson for the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

DO... Try A "Cleanse" With Real Food
Many people rule out solid food when they think of cleansing, says Moore. But you can eat clean to reset your body and still get the same (if not better) results. Try this alternative: Take a break from junk food and processed foods and focus on veggies and fruits and drinking plenty of water. Simple, but effective! You can even add a juice or smoothie into your daily diet for added calories or as a snack replacement.

DON'T... Rely On Juice To Heal A Serious Illness
As far as we know, juicing doesn’t cure any of the chronic diseases we face today, says Samantha Heller, R.D., exercise physiologist and clinical nutrition coordinator at the Center for Cancer Care at Griffin Hospital in Connecticut. "There are some web sites and health food stores that suggest juicing can cure cancer, but we don’t have any scientific evidence to support those claims."

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