Juicing vs. Smoothieng (Pros and Cons)

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The benefits of juicing and smoothieng are extraordinary and greatly enhance your health. This post clarifies how juicing and smoothieng are different and their pros and cons. You may have the intention of juicing but are blending or "smoothieng" your fruits and vegetables with the impression that it reaps the same health benefits. Both are a healthy choice but they are different and this post will explain how.

Juicing is the extraction of the juice from fruits and veggies

You can use more ingredients in one juice.
In most cases you can throw the entire piece of fruit/vegetable in the juicer without having to peel and remove pits.
The content of the juice is very concentrated because you are only getting the vitamins, minerals phytonutrients and antioxidants.
This all goes directly into your bloodstream (w/ blending your body must digest the food first to reap this benefit.
Easier to make delicious combos.
Faster to make.
Very liquid and smooth to drink.

You have to drink the juice right away because of nutrient oxidation.
Not very filling and can leave you hungry if supplementing with a meal.
Need more ingredients and this can be costly.
Fiber is removed and discarded to the side as a waste.
Harder to clean up.

Smoothieng liquefies and blends the whole fruit or vegetable.

Less waste.
Fewer ingredients can be used so it's less costly.
The body absorbs the sugar slowly.
The body absorbs the fiber and other nutrients found in the pulp.
Can be stored for longer. Usually 3 days.
Can supplement a meal because it is more filling.
Easy to clean up.
Better if intention is to add protein, yogurt, flax oil, or chia seeds.

Very few ingredients so you can't "bulk up" on fruits and veggies.
Skins and pits must be removed.
Water sometimes needed because consistency too thick.
Harder to make delicious combos.
Takes longer to drink so slower absorption of nutrients.

So as you can see juicing and smoothieng are different. I have personally seen weight loss results from both as a meal replacement and/or snack. There is an advantage to drinking your fruits and vegetables with or without the pulp. This is especially helpful if you are not getting your daily serving of vitamins and minerals!

Stay Well,
Coach Nadia K

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