JuJu Smith-Schuster Gives Birth To Football In Touchdown Celebration

An 18-yard scoring reception induced labor.

Break out the cigars. Pittsburgh Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster gave birth to a football Sunday after his 18-yard touchdown reception against the Atlanta Falcons in Pittsburgh.

Smith-Schuster simulated the blessed moment by lying on his back and delivering the 15-ounce, oblong bundle of joy as teammate James Conner played midwife. Smith-Schuster cradled the newborn after the very public delivery, and then Conner tackled him. We’re pretty sure that’s not in the maternity playbook.

Smith-Schuster later posted a birth announcement on Twitter. “The gift of life! The gift of a touchdown!” he wrote.

Remember a few seasons ago, when Steelers receiver Antonio Brown twerking after touchdowns was all the rage and got him penalized? But in the new era of the NFL’s loosened celebration rules, Smith-Schuster appears to have surpassed his teammate, at least in creativity.

The Steelers won, 41-17, and now have an immaculate conception to go with their Immaculate Reception.

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