Julia Louis-Dreyfus: 'Voting For Hillary Isn't Enough'

Don't forget about the equally important congressional elections.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently sat down to film a 2016 election PSA with the climate change advocacy group NextGen Climate. Through most of the one-minute-20-second video, which was released on Sunday, Louis-Dreyfus reiterates the standard 2016 Democratic Party talking points, using her role as Selina Meyer on “Veep” as fodder along the way.  

“I play a bombastic, woman-hating, narcissistic politician on my show, and it’s really super-fun to watch because, let’s face it, I’m extraordinarily talented,” she jokes. “But it’s not a reality that any of us really wants.”

You already know what comes next.

“[Republican presidential nominee] Donald Trump talks a lot about building a wall, his pervy love of Putin, and fake colleges he can bankrupt for profit,” Louis-Dreyfus notes. “One thing he doesn’t talk much about is climate change, and that’s because he doesn’t believe in it — and because it doesn’t have a grabbable p***y.”

Louis-Dreyfus then turns to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who, she notes, believes in climate change and “understands its disastrous consequences.” Up until this point in the PSA, everything Louis-Dreyfus says is some form of a message you’ve no doubt heard before. Then, she says something that should make your ears perk up.

“But voting for Hillary isn’t enough,” she says. “Senate Republicans have already vowed to obstruct her at every turn. It’s a congressional cock blockade.”

Less attention has been paid to the seats in Congress that are on the table come Nov. 8. As Louis-Dreyfus correctly notes, if you’re voting for Clinton, then Democrats’ opportunity to regain control of the Senate should mean just as much to you, if not more, as who wins the White House.



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