Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reacts To Her Son's 'Dynamite' Sex Scenes

The "Veep" star spoke about her son Charlie Hall's performance in "The Sex Lives of College Girls."

Julia Louis-Dreyfus managed to stay in supportive mom mode when asked about her son Charlie Hall’s raunchy scenes in “The Sex Lives of College Girls.”

The “Veep” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Tuesday and spoke about her 25-year-old son’s role in the HBO Max series.

“That’s a racy show,” Kimmel noted.

“It’s a very racy show, yes,” Louis-Dreyfus agreed.

“Do you watch the show in fear that you might see something you haven’t seen for a while?” Kimmel asked.

“Well, I mean, I did watch the show. And I think he was, you know, really great,” she replied. “I mean, he was adorable. He was fucking some girl in a library,” she quipped, laughing, “and I thought it was, I thought it was, uh ... dynamite.”

The “Saturday Night Live” alum has two sons, Charlie, 25, and Henry, 30, with her husband of more than three decades, Brad Hall.

In the last few years, Charlie Hall has landed several film and TV projects, including “Sweethearts,” “Big Shot,” Single Drunk Female” and the Netflix feature film “Moxie.”

Louis-Dreyfus said last year that her son was “really digging being an actor and he’s really good.”

Her latest comments about him start at the 7:30-minute mark in the video below.

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