Julia Louis-Dreyfus Smacks Down 'Veep' Comparisons Of Trump's Axios Video

The comparisons weren’t lost on the actress, though she wished that wasn’t the case.

Donald Trump’s wild interview with Axios on Monday night is looking like a case of life imitating art to many people.

The art in question? “Veep,” Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ acclaimed HBO sitcom that focuses on a very unqualified politician.

During the 37-minute interview with Jonathan Swan, the president managed to minimize thousands of coronavirus deaths and not offer a single positive comment about recently deceased civil rights leader John Lewis. However, he sent “good luck” to Ghislaine Maxwell, who’s accused of sex-trafficking, saying he wishes her well.

As a result, many Twitter users couldn’t help but compare the interview to “Veep.” Some people even connected the dots to make it clearer.

The “Veep” comparisons weren’t lost on Louis-Dreyfus, though she wished that wasn’t the case.

Others from “Veep” also chimed in, including showrunner David Mandel, who felt the comparison between the show’s fictional president and the real guy wasn’t quite accurate.

Cast member Sam Richardson also noted that the Axios interview had some similarities to the show but doubts it would pass muster as a “Veep” plot.

Other Twitter users pointed out the way the Axios interview was produced seemed to be a “Veep” homage.

But one Twitter user put the comparisons between “Veep” and Trump in their proper perspective.



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