Julia Mancuso Surfs In Maui, Wins Medals At Sochi, And Beats All Of Us At Life

When Julia Mancuso isn't winning medals at the Olympics or talking about her long-time "rivalry" with Lindsey Vonn, she is surfing, diving and swimming with dolphins in Maui.

The twenty-nine year old trains in Hawaii during the off-season and, from what we can tell from Instagram, leads the most fun, most badass life ever.

Here she is surfing:

"I need things that push me and keep my adrenaline going," Mancuso has said of her unconventional workouts.

“She’s always been free-spirited, always doing her own thing,” Mancuso’s teammate Stacey Cook told the New York Times. “Having fun is the way she goes about life, and that’s contagious.”

And here is Mancuso gliding effortlessly (and beautifully) between the worlds of beach bums and ski bums:

"I just know to never give up," Mancuso has said. "That's a big part of it. The Olympics just causes me to bring that extra bit of intensity."

"The Olympics is my redemption," Mancuso has said of Sochi.

"I know I can really be fast in the downhill," Mancuso has said. "I know how to be fast."

“For me," Mancuso said, "putting out these dreams and beliefs that I can come in here and have a medal, and everyone being a little skeptical and just knowing in my heart that I can do it, was kind of like crossing the finish line being like, ‘See, it works! Believing in yourself really works!’”

Julia, can we please be friends with you?



2014 Sochi Olympics Photos