Julia Pott's 'Belly': An Award-Winning Film From An Animator With A History Of Going Viral (VIDEO) (PREMIERE)

We've known Julia Pott -- one of Filmmaker's 25 New Faces of Independent Film -- is a star in the making for a while now, but it's good to see she's getting her dues.

An animator whose beginner film, "My First Crush," earned more than one million YouTube views, Pott's early online success led to high profile music video gigs (The Decembrists, Bat For Lashes), and a desire to hone her craft further. The British native graduated last year from London's Royal College of Art, moved to Brooklyn, and began the process of debuting her thesis film "Belly" to the big bad industry -- playing it at the Sundance Film Festival and SXSW, winning awards, and blogging about its genesis for our very own Sundance Diaries series.

The coming-of-age film is told in what could be called gruesomely beautiful detail. The characters in "Belly" slice through skin and pull at their eyes with ease. Pott wrote posts and shared clips that explored this idea of entering seemingly impermeable substances: flesh, sand banks, eyeballs, which she characterizes as a child's fluid way of seeing the world.

The vivid sound and Pott's delicate sense for two dimensional animation make for intriguing advertisement, and today, we're happy to say we finally get to see the whole thing. Head to Pott's Vimeo page or click below for the public premiere of "Belly."

For more on the making of the film, head to an interview with Pott on Motionographer. Festivals "Belly" is touring are listed on Pott's website