Julia Roberts Has George Clooney Saved Under The Most Epic Name In Her Phone Contacts

The “code name” is a hilarious nod to one of her pal's most questionable roles.

Julia Roberts is opening up about a special nickname she uses for longtime pal George Clooney.

During an interview Thursday to promote the upcoming film “Ticket to Paradise,” YouTuber Jake Hamilton asked the pair how they’ve saved each other’s contact info in their cellphones.

Roberts was quick to reveal that she has her co-star marked as “Batman Cell.”

“There’s no picture, but George is in my phone under the code name ‘Batman Cell,’” the 54-year-old said, nodding to his titular role as the Caped Crusader in 1997’s “Batman & Robin.”

“Now I have to change it!” she added.

“And mine’s ‘Pretty Woman,‘” Clooney chimed in, referencing Roberts’ popular 1990 romance film with co-star Richard Gere — before promptly adding: “It’s not, but I just tried. I’m literally lying about that.”

In reality, “I think it’s just ‘J.R.’ or something like that,” the 61-year-old said. “I don’t put ‘Julia Roberts’ because if my phone gets picked up, then all hell breaks loose.”

The “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” star hasn’t been shy in the past to speak up about faults with “Batman & Robin.” Critics and fans of the franchise alike have bashed the superhero film, which was directed by Joel Schumacher.

In 2019, Clooney told The Hollywood Reporter that the issues with the movie helped guide him later in his career.

“I wasn’t good in it and it wasn’t a good film,” he said at the time, adding, “What I learned from that failure was that I had to rethink how I was working, because now I wasn’t just an actor getting a role; I was being held responsible for the film itself.”

Clooney and Roberts, both Oscar winners, have starred together in various movies over the years, including 2001′s “Ocean’s Eleven,” 2002′s “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind,” 2004′s “Ocean’s Twelve” and 2016′s “Money Monster.”

In “Ticket to Paradise,” the duo play a divorced couple who travel to Indonesia to stop their daughter from repeating their past mistakes. The Ol Parker-directed film is set to hit the big screen Friday.

Watch the actors’ interview with Hamilton below.

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