Julia Roberts: Jennifer Lawrence Is 'Too Cool' To Be America's Sweetheart

With her quick wit, charm and Oscar-winning acting chops, Jennifer Lawrence has quickly become America's newest sweetheart. One person, however, who isn't completely on board with Lawrence earning that title is Julia Roberts.

The 46-year-old actress (and original recipe America's sweetheart) recently sat down with MTV News to speak about her new movie, "August: Osage County," and touched on Lawrence's popularity during the interview.

MTV's Josh Horowitz mentioned that Lawrence had recently joined the group of America's sweethearts, to which Roberts pondered, "How many are there of us?"

As to Lawrence herself, Roberts commented, "She shoots flaming arrows. Is this a new cupid tactic?" Horowitz questioned if Roberts wasn't "voting yes" for Lawrence to join "the club," prompting Roberts to explain, "My card is expired and I didn't get a new one."

Roberts continued, "I think she's fabulous," before trailing off, saying, "but she doesn't seem ... she seems cooler than ..." Horowitz clarified, "Oh, she's too cool to be a sweetheart," to which Roberts added, "Right?"

Roberts and Lawrence may come into direct competition early next year as both actresses have earned Best Supporting Actress Oscar buzz for their performances in, respectively, "August: Osage County" and "American Hustle." Catch the full clip of Roberts' thoughts on Lawrence above.

[via MTV]



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