Julia Roberts Talks About The Two Things Every Marriage Needs

The actress dished out some important advice.

Julia Roberts has been married to cinematographer Danny Moder for 13 years, so it's safe to say the actress knows a thing or two about happy marriages. 

In an interview with E!'s Jason Kennedy, Roberts dished out some important advice for the newlywed to keep in mind. 

"I would say, never leave the house without saying goodbye to your wife, and kissing her goodbye," said Roberts to Kennedy, who married Lauren Scruggs in 2014. "And never come home and not find her first and say, 'I'm home, hello,' kiss and hug and then go do whatever you have to do." 

Listen to Roberts share stories about her husband and talk about her new movie, "Secrets in Their Eyes," below: 

Roberts plays an FBI investigator in her new thriller, which comes out Nov. 20th. Moder is the cinematographer for the movie, and Roberts told E! that it was around the seventh time the couple has worked together. 

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