Julia Roberts Doesn't Get Twitter, And Doesn't Want It

Lots of celebrities are active on Twitter, but Julia Roberts isn't one of them -- and she doesn't plan on joining the online community anytime soon.

She sat down with Norwegian journalist Kjersti Flaa to chat about her latest film, "August: Osage County," and ended up discussing her lack of social media presence.

Flaa mentioned that Roberts seems to have made the choice not to take part in the world of social media, but the "August: Osage County" star argued that she's not against using the Internet to connect, she just doesn't really understand it all. She said, "I haven't chosen to not be a part of it, I kind of just don't get it."

When asked if she had a Twitter account, Roberts said "no," laughing at the question.

Flaa later asked, "Do you ever feel the need to put your word out there?" -- referring to how many stars take to Twitter or other social media outlets in order to give their side of stories that are misconstrued by the media. Roberts replied that she would rather speak with individuals face-to-face to clear up misunderstandings than project her voice to the masses.

"Who am I talking to?" she asked. "See that's the thing I don't get. It's like screaming into the wind ... there's a directness that I miss in the idea of the Internet or Twitter." She later said, "There's a lack of human connection to all of it that doesn't appeal to me."

Roberts, 46, also proved that she's not exactly the most tech-savvy celebrity out there, saying, "I picture Twitter on a pager which I know is also antiquated; I don't know where you Twitter."

Despite her reluctance to actually take part in social media, Roberts recognizes that it's not all bad.

"I know that it makes people feel connected and it brings people together and does all these awesome things, but me, I like to look at somebody or just have a more tangible connection; that's what I as a person am invested in."

Just call her old-fashioned.

(Roberts talks about social media in the video above, beginning at 5:15.)

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